How to Escape a Dog Attack

How to Escape a Dog Attack

You’re jogging down the street listening to music and minding your own business when it happens. You didn’t hear a growl or bark but all of a sudden a dog is attacking. With their speed, strength, and sharp teeth, dogs can cause major harm to you and even put your life at risk. If you find yourself being attacked by a dog, utilizing certain steps and maneuvers can help you minimize harm and assist in your escape.

Follow these guidelines when a dog is attacking to help prevent further damage:

Escape a Dog Attack with Distance, Protection, and Aggressive Self-Defense

When a dog charges do not run.Keep Dogs at a Distance

Preventing the attack from happening is always the first goal. If a dog is charging at you, remain calm and do not run away. The initial charge of a dog is usually a warning and is accompanied with growling or barking. While it may be against your nature to stay still when a dog is running toward you, running could actually heighten a dog’s prey instincts and aggressive tendencies.

Remaining still and calm while avoiding eye contact will usually be enough to make the dog lose interest after they assess that you are not a threat. You may also try loud commands such as “No,” “Down,” or “Back.” Always avoid making sudden or aggressive movements.

Carry Protection

If the dog remains aggressive and is preparing for an attack, then prevention is no longer an option. You should always carry some form of protection when you go out on a run or walk in case an unexpected attack occurs. Pepper spray, an umbrella, or even a bag can be useful when a dog attacks.

These items should be used to keep the dog from actually biting you and can provide the dog with something else to focus on. Pepper spray is just as effective on dogs as it is on humans. Umbrellas, bags, or other items can be used to distract the dog or give the dog something else to bite rather than you.

When a dog bites, use self defense.Escape from a Dog Attack

When a dog gets past all defenses and manages to latch onto you, you should employ aggressive self-defense maneuvers to free yourself and escape. When the dog bites and refuses to let go, refrain from pulling away as this will only allow the dog’s teeth to tear the wound open further. To make the dog release its hold, grab its front paw and twist with force. This maneuver will inflict pain on the dog, causing it to release its grasp. It is more effective than a blow to the dog’s head or nose because this maneuver will not drive teeth deeper into a wound.

When escaping from a violent dog attack, the wellbeing of the animal should not be your first concern. It’s important to remember that your safety and escape are the most important factors in this situation. The dog is unlikely to restrain itself and neither should you. Protect sensitive areas like your head and throat as much as possible during an attack.

If you find yourself being confronted by a dog the next time you are out jogging or walking remember these tips and maneuvers: stay calm, keep the dog at a distance, and fight aggressively to free yourself during an attack. After an attack, be sure to contact a physician and a dog victim defense lawyer to ensure you receive proper medical treatment and are compensated for your damages.

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